About Us

About Nutrenergy

Our aim is to make organic, healthy wholefoods affordable, ensuring our products are easily accessible to everyone. Being the direct Manufacturers and Processors of wholefoods and nutritional blends, we also have the capability of producing a range of our own, in-house formulated blended milled products and special formulated organic cold pressed oils. Thus, allowing us to maintain consistency and high standards in the quality of the products we produce through our high-end technological industrial solutions.

Nutrenergy products are loaded with nutritional values and cater for health-conscious individuals of all ages. The raw materials we procure are organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, are sourced from certified approved suppliers (maintaining a sustainable supply chain) under their own HACCP compliance procedures with full traceability and transparency. As a responsible company, we maintain due diligence by ensuring our raw materials are fully organic certified under our Certificate of Analysis (CoA) by approved UKCAS laboratories.

We are fully committed with full dedication to serving our ever-growing customers and our farmers, but also mother nature itself. We are also committed in doing this by working with various charitable, environmental and humanitarian projects.

At Nutrenergy we specialise in ECO friendly, innovative development of wholefoods supplementary products in nutraceuticals and high end technological industrial solutions.

We are continually improving our industrial and manufacturing processes in-house to achieve best commercial and quality products for our customers and clients alike. This enables Nutrenergy to create new product categories with the aim of providing better health and nutritional products for our consumer’s overall health and wellbeing. Everything we do is based on the knowledge gained through our extensive in-house specialised R&D team. Our spirit of trust, and transparency in traceability form our core ethos and foundation. This has been essential and indispensable for the qualitative and quantitative growth of our company brand, with our customers, and clients and also internally within our own company.

Our Values

We are constantly seeking and exploring best supply sources to provide our customers organic and ethically-sourced wholefoods which are exceptionally rich in nutrients. Meeting high expectations and needs of our consumers at all times forms the core foundation of our ethical values. Sourcing the best organic materials from our suppliers allows the Nutrenergy consumers of wholefoods to achieve their daily dietary and nutritional goals – enabling us to maintain our commitment to the community as a responsible company.

Our products are fully certified by the Organic Soil Association, which audits our entire supply chain. This includes full traceability, complete supply chain of our products, where they are sourced from, how they are processed, packaged, and what information we display on all our product labels.

Alongside providing nutritional values of all products on our website, our consumers have access to deliciously inspiring and wholesome recipes.